We benchmark our best practices, pay attention to lessons learned from past experiences, and constantly challenge ourselves to improve. From materials and construction methods to management techniques and information systems, we always seek new and better ways to help our clients achieve their goals.

The company has a reputation for flexibility in its approach to diverse and complex projects while rigidly adhering to and meeting deadlines and commitments to quality.

Rolider’s goal is to deliver the best quality services in the market with the commitment to supply our customers with the latest and modern engineering and contracting technologies to provide the best quality services in construction projects.

In contrast to most large companies, Rolider does not manage projects from afar but through the presence of its workforce and equipment on the field. Rolider owns many units of heavy equipment, including unique and specialist equipment, which are immediately available and enable the company to participate in demanding, special projects with requirements most companies cannot provide.

Excellence & Multidisciplinary Experience

From complex and successful projects utilizing the best workforce, there are many reasons for Rolider’s notable presence in the civil engineering arena. Rolider employs hundreds of suppliers and dozens of subcontractors worldwide on its projects, with core projects implemented and managed by Rolider’s own project managers and engineering teams, using its self-owned and self-maintained equipment. In large projects for government organizations and private developers, Rolider specializes in implementing complex work across many sectors. These customers are drawn to Rolider by its combination of skills in vital aspects of projects, including striving for maximum work safety, uncompromising quality, and the best and most efficient implementation.

The Human Infrastructure

During the transition from the former company, the human resources, and other outstanding and vital advantages were wisely kept. The company’s senior executives and work managers lead the civil engineering sector. Through a deep understanding that the workforce provides the future success of projects, Rolider protects its employees’ rights. Each Rolider employee, at all levels, is retained, and employees’ safety at all stages of work is considered a vital topic that significantly concerns the company. Permanent monitoring and risk control are conducted for all the company’s activities, accidents are investigated, and preventative measures are applied most effectively for workers’ safety.

Supporting Ghana’s Growth

Ghana is one of the strongest-performing economies in Africa today. The rapid growth of Ghana’s construction sector owes much to the investment incentives introduced by the government, and priority is always given to infrastructure development while constantly removing constraints on the industry.

Rolider has been supporting the growth of the Republic of Ghana in several construction sectors, providing affordable quality services through our high-quality resources and experience. We are continuously streamlining our operations in Ghana to deliver higher quality, quicker, complex construction solutions and to provide Design & Build services to meet the full spectrum of our esteemed client’s needs. As international attention turns to Ghana’s emergent oil economy, Rolider is here to manage any construction job.

Rolider Ltd is a registered company in Ghana - No’ CA 86,333. The company holds high professional ratings, thus enabling it to carry out government-funded projects.


Who We Are

Rolider is a registered company in Ghana - No' CA 86,333. The company holds high professional ratings, thus enabling it to carry out government-funded projects. Rolider Ltd is one of the largest construction companies in Ghana.

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