Rolider regards the safety of its staff and sub-contractors first and foremost above any other issue. Rolider's safety policy targets a clear and uncompromising "Zero Errors" line of action. The company invests in means and efforts in order to adhere to this difficult target, and regularly runs continuing education programs on safety for all its employees. The company's safety supervisor and traffic safety officer, which are an integral part of Rolider's management staff, are in charge of safety and strictly monitor that all activities are performed in accordance to the safety regulations and laws, constantly verifying the implementation of the instructions given in the safety education programs, in all of the company's activities.

On each and every project undertaken by Rolider, either a senior superintendent or a site manager are appointed as the project's safety supervisor, who's task is not only being in charge of implementation of all safety regulations on site, but also identification of unique and special safety requirements of the specific work site and guidance of all the site's workers on all these safety issues.

Environmental Protection

Rolider consider all aspects of Environment Protection an important issue which is first and foremost for the company, thus is integrated together with Rolider's safety plan. The company is fully obligated to the environment's protection and, utilizing in each country its own resources together with external ones and in alliance to the relevant authorities, performs all actions required to fulfill its uncompromising commitment towards this important issue.

We aim to achieve zero environmental incidents throughout all of our operations. We monitor, report, investigate and remediate any incidents and apply lessons learnt through root cause analysis to prevent similar events occurring in the future.

Client Relationships

Rolider places the highest value on client relationships and contract administration. Working together as partners, we treat clients with immense respect. Listening to client needs is the first order of our service. We believe in integrity, hard work and loyalty towards our customers. We honor our commitments and contracts with a practical approach to problem solving.


Since 2003,  Rolider Management team believes that is their duty to help the local community’s and contribute as much as possible to support with some of the basics needs of the local communities. With this goal, Rolider supports local activities adjacent to the regions where it is developing projects, all with the objective to give its support to the local communities.

Who We Are

Rolider is a registered company in Ghana - No' CA 86,333. The company holds high professional ratings thus enabling it to carry out government funded projects. Rolider Ltd is one of the largest construction companies in Ghana.

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