Rolider Ltd. is one of Israelís leading specialists in civil engineering and infrastructure projects. The company, established in 1966 and active since in the civil engineering trade, maintains its excellent reputation as a leader in the Israeli market and is constantly and persistently acting towards expanding and strengthening its abilities in all fields of the trade.
Rolider Ltd. specializes in all the fields of civil engineering construction works:
Earthworks and Pavement Infrastructure, Sewerage, Drainage Water Supply Utilities in all require depths and buildings, Water Reservoirs and Water Purification and Pumping Plants, Pumps and Sea Dock works.
quality assurance
The company was licensed for ISO 9002 Quality Assurance in 1998, and since then, holds all licenses and permits required for its versatile activities. Rolider Ltd. has formed an independent Quality Control team, consisting of engineers and technicians, monitoring and assuring the quality of performance of works performed by the company.